Thursday, 23 April 2009

Swimathon 2009 results

The swimathon was on sunday, the 19th of April. I clocked 46:15 this time. Hahaha.. again short of the 45 minute mark I had set earlier. Interestingly enough, I did dip just below the 45 minute mark once in practice. But due to inconsistency in training (for which I apologize), I couldn't retain my form.

So the swimathon is over.. Now what?

I have yet to raise the funds I committed myself to. Eventhough the swimathon is over, collections will still be collected for a few more weeks. This gives me the chance to redeem myself and to raise the funds. My exams will be over on the 13th of May, and perhaps then I will try to do more fundraising.

Until then, do think about contributing to my fund-raiser and if you feel convicted to share some of your pocket money, you can donate your money here. Again, it is for a good cause.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I have finally started training. I must say that I feel terribly unfit. Haven't been swimming enough. Like last year, I will be recording my time here so that everyone can keep up with my progress. So far:

1. Wednesday 18th March, 1km= 18:57 (I know its only 1km.. slow and steady! =) )
2. Friday 20th March, 1km= 22:01
3. Monday 23rd March, 2km= 38:54
4. Tuesday 24th March, 2km= 38:38
5. Thursday 26th March, 750m (untimed as the pool was too crowded)
6. Monday 30th March, 750m (untimed as the pool was crowded)
7. Wednesday 1st April, 2.5km= 47:21
8. Thursday 2nd April, 2.5km= 44:59
9. Wednesday 16th April, 1km= 19:19

Sunday, 15 March 2009

back on track..

Dearest all, sorry for a very long absence. I've been having a bad time and have been somewhat distracted. I know its a lousy excuse, but I promise that I'll work harder.

I've only been to the pool several times since the last post, but from now on, I'll try my best to train a minimum of 3 times a week right up to the swimathon. That leaves me just over a month worth of training, approximately 12-15 training sessions. I'll be training to finish it under 45 minutes.

Also I've been looking at other ways of raising funds. I was planning to busk, but unfortunately busking here in London requires one to have a license. I have requested for an audition from transport for london a few weeks ago (to get a license), but they have yet to reply me. I think they have an oversupply of buskers (which they had mentioned in their website). Right now, I'm not too sure how I can raise the funds so for now I will have to rely on your good will.

As for now, training will commence as planned and don't forget to support me!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Marie Curie Cancer Care..

I thought I'd do a write up on the charity that I'm raising funds for, just so that everyone knows what/where their donations are being used for/is going to.


Marie Curie Cancer Care supports 2700 staff and nurses that provide healthcare services for about 27000 patients each year. They mainly care for cancer patients, but they also care for other patients with life-limiting illnesses. Their service is free of charge to their patients and families. In order to sustain their activities, they depend on support from various individuals, organizations and they are partially supported by NHS. In year 2007-2008, they raised approximately £115 million.

Marie Curie Cancer can be said to be comprised of 4 main divisions- Nursing, Hospices, Research Institute, Palliative Care Research Institute. A short description of each division are as follows:

Nursing- Marie Curie Nurses provides personal care for cancer patients who are terminally ill. This allows the terminally ill patients to spend their remainding days at home, around familiar people and surroundings.

Hospices- The hospices provide general care for patients. The hospices also organize health clinics and social activities for patients.

Research Institute- Marie Curie scientists are actively researching cancer in order to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms of cancer cells. Some areas that they focus on are molecular motors, DNA replication, gene regulation, chromosome segregation, protein trafficking, cell cycle control, cycloskeletal organization laboratory and translational research.

Palliative Care Research Institute- I took the liberty to include a wikipedia definition of 'palliative care' since I figured that most normal people (like me) wouldn't know what that means. According to wikipedia[1]: Palliative care (from Latin palliare, to cloak) is any form of medical care or treatment that concentrates on reducing the severity of disease symptoms, rather than striving to halt, delay or reverse progression of the disease itself or provide a cure. Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Institute researches a broad spectrum of issues regarding palliative care. This includes evaluation of interventions and effectiveness in palliative care, assessment of psychological need, end of life care planning, sexuality, spirituality, child cereavement, evaluation of communication skills training for health professionals, complementary therapie and palliative care in advanced non-cancer conditions.

Alternatively, you can get more information on Marie Curie Cancer Care here.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Swimathon 2009

Hello everyone! Its been a year since the last fundraiser and I'm glad to be back in action =). I'll be participating in Swimathon 2009 which will take place on the 16th-19th April. My aim is to help raise at least 200 pounds for Marie Curie Cancer Care and The Swimathon Foundation.

I'll be swimming 2.5km again this year and training will be starting soon. This blog will be updated on a regular basis to provide information on the progress of the fundraising as well as training. If you feel moved to donate, do visit my fundraising page. After all, it is for a noble cause =).

More information on Marie Curie Cancer Care and The Swimathon Foundation will be up soon. As for now, do consider supporting me in my endeavors. Help me help others.

Yours truly,
Peter Ng

Sunday, 20 April 2008


No projects on hand right now. I'll make sure I post when I do have one..

Thanks again for all the support


Saturday, 19 April 2008

It is finished..

Whoops.. I was meaning to update more on the prep for the swimathon but it came too soon and went too soon too. =D

Let me tell you the outcome first, then I shall elaborate further on what happened today. I finished the 2.5k in approximately 48:59.88 and got myself a finisher's medal and a swimathon swim cap. Although I'm happy that I've completed it and it's over I actually feel slightly regretful and I shall go on to tell you why.
But first of all, I would like to wish to thank my sponsors and friends who have supported me throughout my 8 weeks of training. I'm sure that Marie Curie would put the money to good use.

The swimathon was today. (actually it is held for a few consecutive days so as not to overcrowd the pool as well as to give flexibility for participation). My session was scheduled to start at 0800, and we were given instructions to arrive 30 minutes before the session. So, I arrived at ETHOS (the imperial swimming pool/gym) at 0730 hours only to find out that they didn't open until 8. So, I had to wait outside in the cold for half an hour.

I didn't have dinner the night before and went to bed on an empty stomach. So, I woke up feeling a little drained due to the lack of glucose (or I think so). I tried to pop in a couple of bananas to try get my glucose level up during breakfast, but it didn't work too well. The cold weather didn't help that much either.

So, back to the swimming pool. When we were finally let in, I did a couple of laps to warm up but found the warm up to be tiring. When we started, I was placed beside a really enthusiastic swimmer, and he sped off as soon as we started. His enthusiasm spreaded to me and I followed suit. He soon tired out, and so did I. So I ended up struggling midway to finish my swim.

Hence, the regretful feeling. I should have ate some dinner the night before, or at least got up earlier so that I could get some proper breakfast and let the sugar levels stablilize. Its regretful that I had to wait for 30 minutes in the cold for the swimming pool to open. Most of all, I regret trying to follow the dude beside me. All the time I spent trying to learn to pace myself gone down the drain. =S

The final time of 48:59.88 was way short of what I had expected. In fact, I hadn't swam so slowly before in my other previous training sessions. My personal best was 45:10.30 (which I hadn't recorded on the blog due to overwhelming laziness) and I was hoping to dip below the 45-minute mark today.. Guess not..

The only good thing that happened was this picture that I took =P

Swim cap, medal and me!